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Project Description

This course is designed to introduce you to nitty-gritty of verification and reconciliation of accounting information generated from vouchers to financial statements through all possible means i.e. manually, with excel and computerized accounting software. Upon completion of the course, you can further your knowledge and skills by progressing onto Financial Controller course.

Chief Accountant Program and your progression in the Accounting Process:

Accounting is the core of any business. It is the process that helps the owners and managers understand and evaluate the results of business activities and the state of their business from time to time. Accounting process provides visibility and stability to the business, without proper accounting the businesses would be like the lost ship in the Ocean, that is running but unable identify the outcome and status.

Organisations expect that their Chief Accountant shall ensure that all their transactions are recorded accurately by the team. Their task in hand also demands that they prepare financial statements and various accounting & inventory reports for the management. They have to ensure cross verification of the transactions recorded and reconcile the same internally as well as with external parties like banks, customers, suppliers, etc.

Chief Accountant program prepares you to lead your accounts and finance team, ensures that the accounts are accurate and makes your ready for the next level i.e. Financial Controller.

The course is crafted to train an accountant to lead the department. The candidate completing this course would be able to understand the end to end process of accounting and also draft the financial statements and reports. He shall be able to analyse the reports and also reconcile and verify the accuracy of the same.

Accountants who have completed Accountant level or those already working as accountants and aspiring to be a Chief Accountant, should take up this course.

At FAME, we conduct exam after completion of the course and the students are expected to achieve 75% or more score for passing.

Students are required to appear for Online Tests and Offline Examinations at the different stages of the course. Practical Assignments & Projects are given during the course.

Consolidated score with appropriate weight-age to each pattern of testing would be considered for grading in Final Certificate. Successful participants will be awarded Certificate from FAME.

FAME is a Training Institute recognised by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority – Dubai).

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